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What Is Meaning Coaching?

A meaning coach works with individuals struggling with life purpose, life meaning, and life choice issues, individuals endeavoring to identify their values and principles in order to make better life and career choices, individuals who suspect that their emotional problems like depression, anxiety, and addiction may be related to their meaning issues, and institutions and businesses wanting to clarify their mission and purpose.

Meaning coaches work with many sorts of clients, from individuals looking to make personal sense of meaning to organizations concerned about their mission.

Are you experiencing any of the following difficulties?

+ Do you seem to spend your days just going through the motions?
+ Are you unsure about where to invest your time and energy?
+ Do you have the feeling that you are not really following your path or making use of your talents?
+ Do you have trouble believing that your efforts matter?
+ Does a lot of your day feel empty and meaningless?
+ Are you concerned that you need to make some important changes but don’t know how to make them?
+ Is a career change or retirement looming?
+ Has meaning always been something of an issue for you?
+ Do you second-guess your choices and keep switching from one path to another?
+ Are you frequently bored, anxious or blue?

If you are experiencing any of these difficulties, meaning coaching may help!


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