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Become a Meaning Coach. The Meaning Coach Training Program is a 16-week training program designed to prepare you to coach clients on issues of meaning, life purpose, and value. Having completed the training you can launch a meaning coaching practice or add meaning coaching to your current coaching or therapy practice.

Take this unique opportunity to train with Dr. Eric Maisel on the cutting edge of meaning. Time: approximately 3 to 5 hours a week. Cost: $475. A $100 deposit holds your place in the training. The training is conducted via email and fits every schedule. You do not pay at this site: to enroll, please contact Dr. Maisel at

1. Introduction to Meaning Coaching
2. Meaning Coaching versus Life Coaching
3. Working with Clients
4. Conceptualizing Clients’ Meaning Issues
5. Creating a Working Vocabulary of Meaning
6. Offering Clients Meaning Opportunities
7. Starting Sessions
8. The Rhythm of Sessions
9. Ending Sessions
10. Offering Clients Between-Session Activities
11. Ongoing Coaching
12. Practical Meaning Coaching Strategies
13. Coaching Specialties and Packages
14. Defining Your Practice
15. Envisioning Your Practice
16. Building Your Practice

Goals of the program:

• To train you as a meaning coach so that you can help individuals clarify their meaning issues, achieve their meaning goals, and maintain meaning in the face of changed life circumstances.
• To provide you with a robust vocabulary of meaning so that you can think clearly about meaning and help others think clearly about meaning.
• To help you envision and begin to build a meaning coaching practice.

Training Dates for 2010
Training 1 commences week of January 11, 2010
Training 2 commences week of September 13, 2010
To enroll, please contact Dr. Maisel at


"Eric Maisel's Meaning Coaching Training provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore the rich territory of meaning, develop coaching skills under the guidance of a master coach, and learn what is required to develop a successful coaching career.” -- Carla McElhaney

“Coaches who want to add a deeper element to their practice will find the missing link in Eric Maisel’s Meaning Coaching Training, which supplies the tools necessary for integrating the things that mean the most to each client.” -- Lois De Vries

“Taking Eric Maisel's meaning coaching training propelled me into a deeper and more integrated level of understanding of my own coaching practice. Eric has mastered the art of offering valuable information and providing learning opportunities for personal growth.” -- Brecia Kralovic-Logan

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