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Meaning Coach Services

Coaching is usually conducted by phone, email, or a combination of the two. Sometimes in-person coaching is available. Typically a client calls his or her coach at an agreed-upon time once every week, two weeks, or month and client and coach maintain email contact between phone sessions.

Typically the coaching focuses on the present and on the future (rather than on the past) and involves identifying concrete steps and actions that a client might take, providing support for those steps and actions, and maintaining a focus on meaning issues and meaning solutions.

Many coaches provide a package of services that include phone coaching and email coaching. One typical monthly package includes two phone sessions per month and regular email contact between phone sessions. Some coaches prefer half-hour sessions, some prefer 45-minute sessions, and some prefer one-hour sessions. Coaches set their own fees.

Coaches may also run support groups, teach on-line or in-person classes, consult to business, lead workshops and retreats, and offer other services in addition to individual coaching.


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