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Finding a Meaning Coach

The following meaning coaches have completed the Meaning Coaching Training and provided the following information about their services and expertise. They are listed alphabetically.

Lois J De Vries

Lois J. de Vries
PO Box 125
Lafayette, NJ 07848


Do you sometimes feel that all the meaning has drained out of your life – that you’re doing a lot of activities, but not getting any sense of satisfaction from them? Maybe it’s because you’re trying to balance your own desires against the expectations of family, friends, and society. But what if you created a life with you at the center?

Cultivating the Inner You is a coaching service that helps people who are struggling with purpose, meaning, and life decisions related to careers, business, hobbies, volunteering, etc., make better choices that speak to their souls.
Learn how to rediscover and focus on the things that really matter to you, restore meaning to your vision, or return to a much-loved hobby or project.
Coaching is by e-mail, phone, a combination of both, or (locally) in person.


As a field editor and location scout for Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Media, Lois enjoys visiting other people's gardens, as well as working in her own. Her blog, Lois de Vries’ Garden Views, offers thoughts on gardening and environmental issues.

She served on her local environmental commission for nine years, on the planning board for four years, and on the open space committee for three. Formerly, Lois was executive director of a regional arts council, a business and marketing consultant for two New Jersey Small Business Development Centers, headed her own public relations firm for 12 years, and hosted a radio program, Strictly Business.

Lois and her husband also raise guide dog puppies for The Seeing Eye.


Darby Dizard
Darby Dizard
Infinite Meaning Coach

What makes life meaningful? How do we make our choices? Do we each have a personal compass which guides are hearts and minds? What motivates us? What are we seeking? How do we experience happiness, wonder, joy and compassion? These, and other questions, are the starting points in Meaning Coaching. What do you want to create, achieve or change? Are you are stuck or confused about where to begin? Do you want to create a new direction? Meaning Coaching can help. Are you are in a major transition such as a divorce, unemployment or the death of a loved one? Meaning Coaching can help.

Everything we choose to do or create contains meaning. My approach to coaching is compassionate and results oriented. I offer a 45 minute phone call once a week, supplemented with e mails. I also coach people in person. To get started, please drop we an e mail or letter. I invite you to experience a free 20 minute coaching.  Please write to me at, or 311 West 100 Street; New York, NY 10025.
ASCAP, Screen Actor’s Guild, Actor’s Equity, Member of the Friar’s Club,
Board Member of the Duke Ellington Center for the Arts. Listed in Madison’s Who’s Who 2010. Graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Special Degree History University of St Andrews, Scotland.
Coaching specialties:  Creativity & Personal Coach, Great Performances –for performers who work live, Creative Career Coaching, and Caretaker Coaching


Kathy Gregan
Phone: 61 2 66543352
Nana Glen, NSW, Australia.

As a meaning coach I work with people who are searching for a sense of meaning in their lives. For each individual making meaning is a personal and subjective experience. Questioning the purpose of life is a part of our path to maturity and can leave us thinking ‘why am I here?’. At times of crisis one can lose direction and need to find the support to rediscover values and meaning in everyday life and relationships.

An important part of the process is setting goals for the person’s desired outcomes in life, relationships and careers. A coach facilitates the individual’s journey along the path to self-discovery and achieving goals.

As a coach I also work in creativity coaching where I support the client to invest meaning in creating artwork. Creativity is about passion, imagination and vision. Art can offer insight and joy to people who are looking for something to enrich their lives.

Creative people in established careers are often plagued doubt, frustration and creativity blocks. A coach has the skills and experience to guide and support people to work through times when they are frustrated by a lack of motivation.

Another area of my work is with women over 50 who are dealing with profound changes in their lives and relationships.

As a practicing creativity and meaning coach, teacher, artist and health worker I have the experience and skills required for this important work. Coaching: by phone, email, video meetings and in person. Workshops in creativity by arrangement.

Kathy is a creativity coach and meaning coach in Australia. Kathy also works as an educator and course developer online in the area of health and community services. Qualifications include: BFA, MA in Fine Arts, Dip.Ed, Grad Diploma in Nursing. Qualifications in Midwifery, Mental Health, Disability Work, Case Management, Art Therapy, Clinical Teaching, Professional Development and Management. Creativity Coaching and Meaning Coaching training with Eric Maisel since 2003.

Member of the Creativity Coaching Association

Laurie M. HawleyLAURIE M. HAWLEY, J.D.
Laurie M. Hawley, J.D.
Aha Life Design
The Art of Living Creatively

Laurie helps people live the lives they are meant to live. She works with clients in defining their purpose and deciding what they want their lives to mean.  She compassionately facilitates the dissolution of painful thoughts and limiting beliefs that prevent clients from realizing their fullest potential. She also works with clients in redefining identities and values that have been shaped by society, family, and peers when those identities and values don’t fit. 

Laurie specializes in coaching people in Midlife & Beyond. She helps Baby Boomers reinvent themselves and live authentic lives. She guides them through the transition and transformation they inevitably encounter in the Second Half of Life. She helps them find meaning, explore passions, and discover abandoned aspects of self.  

Laurie also specializes in coaching Creatives (i.e. writers, artists, performers, architects, designers, business entrepreneurs…). She helps clients overcome procrastination, overwhelm, perfectionism, resistance, fear, self-sabotage, and other obstacles to achieving their dreams.

Prior to the first session, Laurie offers a free 30-minute consultation to discuss client goals and coaching methods. Generally, coaching is by phone with email follow-up. 

 Laurie lives in Denver, Colorado with her golden retrievers, Liza Jolie and Zydeco Ardoin. She loves literature, theatre, music, dancing, and art. A consummate learner, she studies creativity, Buddhism, Jungian psychology, positive psychology, and neuroscience on an ongoing basis. Laurie majored in English literature at Dartmouth College and studied both law and psychology on the graduate level at the University of Denver. She is very familiar with the search for meaning and life transition. Prior to becoming a coach, she was a practicing attorney for 17 years, then a nonprofit fundraiser for nine years.

Coaching Credentials:
Certified Martha Beck Life Coach (currently one of 12 coaches selected to participate in Martha Beck’s 2010 Master Life Coaching Training)
Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach
Completion of several Positive Psychology classes offered by University of Pennsylvania LPS Commons and MentorCoach
Member of the International Coaching Federation and Creativity Coaching Association


Linda Hough


We all have unique gifts and talents inside us. Often, in the course of our lives, they get lost, forgotten or left behind. Maybe they weren’t valued or supported when you were young, maybe life circumstances prevented you from pursuing them. Whatever happened, you may be left with a yearning, a longing or that awful feeling of emptiness inside.
Lack of creative expression in our lives can lead to frustration, anger, boredom, anxiety and even certain types of depression. Whether you are a painter that isn’t painting, a writer that isn’t writing, a budding artist or someone with a creative desire stuck inside, I can help you find meaning and purpose in life by making your creative dreams real.
When you engage in creative work, you are not only connecting with the source of creativity in your own life, you will find the dull pain of emptiness subsiding. You become filled with the delicious experience of fulfillment and deep satisfaction by making your life meaningful.
If you are interested in creativity and meaning coaching, I have packages and programs available for private or group coaching.
I am an artist and coach. Along with Eric Maisel's Meaning Training, I have an MA in Art and a CPCC Certification from Coaches Training Institute. These two areas have been my lifelong passions.

I grew up in Southern California where I studied painting, weaving, book art and collage alongside of personal growth and spirituality. Even though I didn’t realize I was doing it at the time, I’ve always followed where meaning has led. I’ve taken the road less traveled, spending countless hours reading, learning from various thought leaders, gazing into campfires and up at the stars, and standing in front of my easel.

What I learned from making art, I took into life: how to risk and relate, when to pause and reflect, to stop when it is time to stop and mostly how to trust myself. These were the things that were most important to me. Now, I have the great pleasure of being able to help others find what is important to them.


Carla McElhaney, DMA
Passion in Action Coaching
Austin, TX
I work with creative people who want to live a life that resonates with passion, purpose and meaning. Our work together supports you as the artist of your life, the creative virtuoso charged with the heroic task of cultivating a life worth living. I am here to help you realize your creative potential, connect to your passions and values, discover your life purpose, make empowering choices, negotiate life transitions, and overcome any obstacles to living the life of your dreams. Coaching is offered via phone and e-mail, and in-person sessions are available to clients in the greater Austin area. I offer a variety of packages from 1-hour consultations to 3-month intensive programs; contact me by phone or e-mail to discuss the coaching solution that is best for you.
Dr. Carla McElhaney (BM, Eastman School of Music; MM, DMA, The University of Texas at Austin) is highly regarded as a dynamic performing artist, teacher and coach for Creatives. She is the co-founder, pianist, and Executive/Artistic Director for REVEL, an Austin-based “classical band,” is the founder and editor of Passion in Action E-Zine, and maintains a coaching practice that integrates her interest in the field of personal development with her advocacy for Creatives and their work. Dr. McElhaney currently serves on the piano faculty at Texas Lutheran University and has previously held faculty posts at The University of Texas at Austin and Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory of Music in Ohio. She performs widely as a soloist and collaborative artist and has worked extensively with students and clients to foster creative, artistic, and personal growth.


Lynette Richards
Inner Light Creativity Coaching
London, Ontario, Canada


I will help you create your life based on your values and dreams so you can experience a rich sense of meaning and purpose. You explore your creative process through inquiry, conversation, active listening, and creativity exercises designed to help identify goals and take constructive steps to expand and enrich your daily life. Coaching sessions may include brainstorming, asking clarifying questions to transform negative thoughts, doubt, fear, anxiety, and blocks, identifying plans of action and encouragement as you aspire to fulfill your intentions.
Although artists, performers and writers can clearly benefit, Creativity Coaching is for everyone who desires to live fully, joyfully and fearlessly.

Lynette is an Artist who works with Darkness and Light to explore duality and reconciliation of duality. She paints Darkness onto Light in her Stained Glass art, and paints Light onto Darkness in her brilliantly coloured pastels on black suede board. In this way she explores the paradox of human existence - finite yet infinite, mortal yet divine, despairing yet ecstatic. Lynette is a Quaker and a long-time participant in the Women’s Spirituality Movement. She continues her studies in Creativity through these Spiritual lenses. She has completed all levels of Creativity and Meaning Coach Training with Eric Maisel.


Jane Riggs, RN, MA


I work with clients who are facing transitions of various kinds-- what are known as "choice-points" in their lives. For example: career change, job loss or approaching retirement, divorce, serious medical diagnoses, even death and dying. I have extensive experience working with women as they go through menopause and create new lives after their childbearing years. I also provide wellness education for health-related issues including nutrition and weight management, lifestyle modification, disease prevention and stress management.

I chose to become a life coach after a 30-year career as a Nurse Practitioner. My areas of expertise include coping with medical adversity; women’s health care including menopause; death and dying; personal growth and transformation; and stress management. I am especially interested in working with women at midlife and beyond as they strive to achieve optimal health and create meaningful lives.

While my career has evolved through the years, I have always been committed to practicing and advocating for a holistic approach to health care. I believe that optimal health requires engaging the body, mind and spirit and that all three aspects are involved in both health maintenance and disease prevention.

As a life coach, I have chosen to partner with people who want to take responsibility for creating their own health and happiness. I see myself as a partner and co-creator, not as someone having all the answers to another’s challenges. My goal is to empower my clients to grow, maintain health and achieve a sense of well-being and fulfillment as they live into their dreams.

Prior to becoming a life coach, I worked as a nurse practitioner with people of all ages and from all walks of life. I’ve practiced in a variety of settings including a private medical practice, corporate wellness programs and community health. In addition, I hold Master of Arts degrees in Clinical Psychology and in Human Services. I am certified as a Menopause Clinician through the North American Menopause Society. My training as a transformational life coach was completed at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA. In addition, I have also completed training as a meaning coach under Eric Maisel, PhD.


(651) 308-0870
Saint Paul, Minnesota


At certain times it is priceless to work with an advocate who listens and compassionately holds us accountable to work gently towards our highest and best goals and dreams. To be that advocate is my goal and vision as a Meaning and Creativity Coach.
Clients often seek a sense of freedom to explore. Some clients are uncertain, doubtful, bored and feeling blue; others are excited and ready to leap towards a new courageous beginning. We all start from where we are. As a Meaning Coach I work with clients who wish to explore meaning issues and create new meaning choices - it is the work of gentle transformation!
Through private coaching sessions, exercises and goal-setting clients can feel free to explore, discover and understand their unique motivations, values and passions, and take new steps towards meaningful life choices. Coaching sessions are available by phone, via email, in-person meetings locally or a combination of these. One option is to start with two half-hour phone sessions per month. Contact me for an informal chat if you'd like to learn more or visit my website.
My vision and style for Meaning Coaching is based on the principles of Peacemaking Circles, a respectful and non-judgmental process that respects the natural wisdom of each individual. My clients and I co-create a creative, exciting, healthy and safe learning environment by applying the ancient teachings of the Circle Process. It has been my privilege to work as a Meaning and Creativity Coach with people, mostly women, across ages, cultures, backgrounds, nations, life choices, gender identities, recovery journeys and abilities.
In 2009 I successfully completed Dr. Eric Maisel's inaugural training program for Meaning Coaches. I've been working as a Creativity Coach for six years after completing Eric Maisel's Basic and Advanced training for Creativity Coaches in 2004.
In addition to working as a Creativity and Meaning coach I'm a professional artist and painter, trained Circle Keeper, facilitator for Talking Circles and a transformative mediator. In addition I have a successful business technical career at a local college. I have also been active in the recovery community for over twenty years.  More information about my experience and background can be found on my website.   

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